About Trip Life|Trip Life

What is Trip Life?

“Trip Life” is a service that offers creative opportunities for a variety of lifestyles.
Why not take a trip with us and see a new life?
About Trip Life

“Everyone has their own reason for traveling.”

“I want to spend a long time in the beautiful scenery of Japan.”
“I want to travel to educate my children.”
“I want a villa, or second house surrounded by nature.”
There are a lot of reasons to travel.
Enjoy a lifestyle that fits your own motivations.

About Trip Life

“Human connections and attachment to the natural world last forever.”

Your host of your trip, or your experiences in nature. Either one might be life-changing.
Enjoy new creative opportunities.

Trip Life’s 3 Commitments

  • 01

    A trip for your future

    “A trip for your future” that provides experience for your future life

    Life is 100 years. For those who want to live a richer, more personal and valuable life, we want to help you enrich your life through travel. We will tailor all resources according to your reasons for traveling and future life plans and propose the best trip for you now.

  • 02

    A unique experience

    “A unique experience” that brings you face-to-face with local life

    With the goal of experiencing life and culture that can only be felt locally, our programs are organised around local people’s perspective. Not only is it a door to a new world, but a valuable experience for you.

  • 02

    A life concierge

    “A life concierge” provides a personalised customer service

    Contact us from anywhere at any time by email, chat, or phone. We will propose itineraries and plans that are safe, secure, and as close to your desires as possible. With your life conceriege, why not embark on a new journey?

Pre-Travel Flow

  1. 01 Imagine your future life.

    Listen honestly to your heart. What are the things you desire now?

  2. 02 Look for a trip or experience.

    Choose something that matches your desires, based on our themes and conditions.

  3. 03 Make an initial reservation and inquiries.

    Once you have selected the trip or experience you want, click the “Book / Inquiry” button, and enter your information to make a reservation. Our staff will contact you via SNS or email.

  4. 04 Work out the details.

    Our staff will help you determine the details the experience, based on your purpose, schedule, the number of participants, etc.

  5. 05 Book your program.

    After the details and the cost are determined, you can make payment based on your preferred method. Please note that a cancellation fee will be applied for cancellations after the booking and payment are completed.

  6. 06 Enjoy your trip!

    Once the booking is completed, all that is left is to wait for the day! Have a safe and enjoyable time.

  7. 07 Share your memories with everyone.

    Please share your memories with as many people as you like – don’t just keep them to yourself. Your experiences can connect with other’s lives, too.